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Bath campaign reflects desire for good news

The Bath Chronicle has launched a campaign to highlight the reasons why people feel proud of their city.

in Bath was prompted during the general election when Bath’s sitting MP
hit back at people criticising the city by saying they should be
shouting from the rooftops about its assets.

The campaign kicked
off with a front-page splash, a full-page comment piece by editor Sam
Holliday and a 32- page pull-out that included 101 reasons to take
pride in Bath.

It follows Holliday’s relaunch of his previous
paper, the weekly Tamworth Herald, which reflected readers’ desire for
more positive news.

He said: “I have been greatly influenced by
research which we undertook in Tamworth which showed that readers get
very annoyed at their local newspaper if they feel it is constantly
putting down the area and the people who live in it.

“Of course,
that does not mean that hard news is not the most important aspect of
our job, but what it does mean is that, if there is a genuine chance to
be the community’s cheerleader, then it is our job to do so.”

The Chronicle’s Safety Outside Schools campaign, which aims to raise
awareness of the dangers that lie beyond the school gate, has been
praised by local councillors and has seen its first successes in the
past week.

Two local schools have had schemes for new 20mph speed
limits approved, while new figures show that accidents around schools
have fallen by a quarter – although the period in question predates the