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Bah hiccup! Mirror journalists are limited to five free drinks at Christmas party

Keith Waterhouse must be turning in his grave.

Bosses at the Mirror titles have told journalists they will have to make do with just five drinks on the company at this year’s Christmas Party, in place of the usual fill-your-boots policy.

The move comes as Trinity Mirror is offering staff a 1.5 per cent basic pay rise for 2018 while chief executive Simon Fox bagged a total pay package of £749,000, including pension and benefits, last year.

The free drinks limit is understood to be the first time journalists have had their tipple capped by the company for the festive celebrations, which are due to take place tonight in Canary Wharf.

A Mirror spokesperson had no comment on pay negotiations, but told Press Gazette: “It’s not a five drink limit – it’s five free drinks – once you’ve used your tokens you can buy as many drinks as you like.”

As well as a knees-up, the night is also being used as an opportunity to raise funds for the NSPCC.

The party invite (pictured above) features Mirror editor Lloyd Embley and chief revenue for officer for Trinity Mirror Solutions (the advertising department) Andy Atkinson.



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3 thoughts on “Bah hiccup! Mirror journalists are limited to five free drinks at Christmas party”

  1. Hopefully, Trinity Mirror will plough any savings into editorial investment to revive its thin, ailing, mediocre, sloppy, formerly decent local papers such as the Bristol Post, Bath Chronicle and Exeter Express & Echo.

  2. Youtube’s chief executive Susan Wojcicki’s statements really demonstrate what an appalling entity Youtube is and her ignorance & selfishness is astounding.
    She only expresses concern about her advertisers without mentioning a single word about the 1000s of people damaged by some of the content that appears.
    For instance I and others have been repeatedly reporting videos of child abuse victims speaking and police recorded interviews which were unlawfully released and part of a sensational UK trial where these videos were were injuncted in the UK High Court in a family matter.
    The judge in that case expressed concern that these videos which criminally identify abuse victims and child abuse victims at that, would be eagerly snapped up by pedophiles who love to hear children talk about sex. But it’s haphazard at best getting these videos removed which will likely haunt these children for life as they grow up.
    Even worse if Youtube does block these videos it’s in the UK only so they are available in the rest of the world which means these children are being abused all over again.
    These are criminal acts which breach laws yet politicians and police seem to be in awe of these tax avoiding entities. Directors of Youtube should be hauled into a UK criminal court for prosecution yet they escape unscathed as this article demonstrates: not one journalist or clueless politician is prepared to take them on. Why?
    What use is Youtube when it is helping destroy 10,000s of journalist and advertising jobs, rorts tax and cannot even enforce criminal laws?

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