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Axed Guardian podcast producer takes Media Talk independent and seeks crowdfunding

The producer of The Guardian’s weekly Media Talk podcast today launched a bid to independently fund the programme via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

The podcast was axed by The Guardian two weeks ago, along with its Music Weekly audio show.

Now producer Matt Hill is looking to raise £9,000 in donations to keep the podcast going for a year under new name The Media Podcast.

He has already broadcast two editions of the half-hour show independently and he is seeking funding to pay him and a presenter to continue on a fortnightly basis.

Hill declined to reveal listening figures for Media Talk, but he said that half of those who subscribed to Media Talk have signed up to receive the The Media Podcast.

Asked whether The Guardian’s decision to axe Media Talk was an indication that podcasts have had their day, Hill said: “Actually I think we are seeing a resurgence in the medium.

“In the States we are seeing programmes going out to significant numbers.

“It is all about being able to receive content at a time that suits you.”

A Guardian News & Media spokesperson said: "Guardian News & Media is currently in the process of formulating an exciting multimedia strategy, and as part of that we have been re-evaluating our podcast offering. This has resulted in two of our podcasts –  MediaTalk and Music Weekly – coming to an end, but it absolutely does not mean that we are moving away from podcasts as a way of telling stories, sharing views and starting debates.

"We're currently hiring a head of audio with a view to refreshing our output, much of which is hugely popular and successful, and looking at new ways to use audio across the whole of"

Donate to The Media Podcast here.

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