Associated titles pay out £38,000 to Diana Rigg

Actress Dame Diana Rigg has accepted a £38,000 libel and breach of privacy pay-out in respect of articles in the Daily Mail and Evening Standard which portrayed her as an “embittered woman” who “held British men in low regard”.

The articles also indicated that she had left Britain to live a reclusive existence in France and had announced her retirement.

Mr Justice Gray was told in the High Court the claims were incorrect and that the papers, which have agreed to pay costs of £80,000, had apologised.

Her solicitor, Tom Amlot said the Daily Mail article was headed “Diana Rigg attacks British men – and announces her retirement” and appeared after she gave an interview to raise awareness of the Children With Aids Charity of which she is patron.

“The article suggested she had referred in the interview to the reasons for the break up of her second marriage and had discussed her first marriage, which she had not,” said Amlot.

After the hearing, Amlot said that Rigg was to receive £30,000 in respect of the libel and £8,000 in respect of claims of invasion of privacy at her French home.

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