Are editors public figures? - Press Gazette

Are editors public figures?

Former Press Gazette proprietor Piers Morgan raises an interesting point in his interview with Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger for GQ (previewed in the Independent yesterday).

When asked whether his children were privately educated, Rusbridger apparently replied: “Er…[pause].”

Morgan: “Is that a valid question?”

Rusbridger: “I don’t…think so…no.”

But what if the editor of the Daily Telegraph was really a card-carrying member of the Labour Party – or the editor of The Ecologist, say, had a penchant for burning huge piles of tyres in his back garden? Where do you draw the line?

The interview also reveals that, with bonus, Rusbridger earned £520,000 last year which Morgan said was “more than the editor of The Sun by a long way.” Fascinating stuff.

The full interview, out in GQ on Thursday, should be worth a read.



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