Archant Devon staff launch organ donor campaign - Press Gazette

Archant Devon staff launch organ donor campaign

Staff from a Devon weekly newspaper group have launched a campaign to boost organ transplants by registering as donors themselves.

Some 30 staff at Archant Devon have signed up for the Gift of Life campaign, which was launched after the organs of a 17-year-old meningitis victim from the county were used to save five lives.

Her parents backed the Archant campaign with the message: “If you are willing to take an organ from someone then you can’t be selfish in giving them.”

Archant Devon publishes the Exmouth Journal, Sidmouth Herald, North Devon Gazette & Advertiser, Exmouth Herald and Midweek Herald.

Group editor Phil Griffin said: “There can be no greater gift a person can give than the hope of life to another human being. There are 19 people waiting for transplants in the area covered by our papers in Devon – those 19 all require kidneys. It is only right that people can make the choice to be a donor or not. We have simply taken the decision to put the facts before our readers and let them make an educated choice.”

The papers are publishing stories of donors who have saved lives and of transplant patients who have benefited.

Businesses have been invited to take part by following Archant Devon’s lead and placing donor cards and application forms in their offices for staff and customers.