Apple facing backlash over 'inflexible' app model

Apple could face a backlash from disenchanted publishers over its ‘closed’approach to app subscriptions, according to a report in The Independent.

Apple has come in for criticism for its ‘walled garden’ approach, which sees the company keep 30 per cent of revenue from subscriptions sold through iPads and iphones via its App Store.

This could spell good news for Google.

The internet giant last week unveiled its One Pass service, and those opting for the model will retain 20 per cent more revenue compared with Apple’s system.

One Pass is considered the more flexible of the two, offering anything from subscriptions to single articles for sale, and could be the more attractive option among publishers that have reservations about creating paid-for digital content.

Google has revealed that it is already working with Associated Newspapers and major outlets in Germany and Spain.

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