Apology noted but Bob Geldof is still a Rat

While noting Bob Geldof’s admission to making “a stupid mistake” at
the British Press Awards (Press Gazette, 24 June), I think he might
also have apologised to Lady Cudlipp, widow of the former Mirror Group
boss after whom our award is named.

Jodi Cudlipp was about to
present the British Journalism Review’s Cudlipp Award when Geldof
hijacked the microphone and stood directly in front of her while
delivering his now infamous tirade.

He may be an honorary knight,
but chivalrous he isn’t. As someone observed at the time: “You may be
able to take a man out of the Boomtown Rats, but you can’t take the Rat
out of the man.”

Bill Hagerty editor, British Journalism Review

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