Another inside story from NoW reporter

Less than a year after being put in the dock for posing as a prison
officer, NoW reporter David McGee has again been given a job guarding

McGee’s investigation into failings at Woodhill
Prison, published in June 2003, won Front Page of the Year at the
British Press Awards. After months undercover he took photographs of
Soham murderer Ian Huntley in his cell and the story prompted a Home
Office review of prison security.

He was charged with the offence of taking a camera into a prison and only had the charges dropped last April.

spent two weeks working for Premier Prison Services only blowing his
cover the day before the story appeared on Sunday. He got the job under
his own name, providing passport ID showing his profession as

NoW assistant editor Gary Thompson said: “It makes a
mockery of the whole system, especially after security was supposed to
have been tightened.”

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