Angling titles aren't carping about success

The carp fishing sector has become a big fish in the magazine
industry pond, according to the publisher of Total Carp, with the
sector being granted its own dedicated space on newsagents’shelves for the first time.

an “explosion” in the number of angling magazines on the racks, there
are now eight dedicated carp fishing titles, including Total Carp,
Carpology and Advanced Carp, said Daventry-based David Hall Publishing.

The rise of the sport has led WH Smith to devote an entire section of its newsstand to carp lovers.

Couson, editor of Total Carp, said: “Anglers love to catch big fish and
they don’t come much bigger than a carp. Reading about the latest tips
and products to help catch the big one is the reason why our titles are
so popular and continue to grow.”

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