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Andrew Hill appointed FT management editor

Andrew Hill has been appointed as management editor of the Financial Times moving from his current role as City editor to take up the new post.

Jonathan Guthrie, currently enterprise editor based in Birmingham, will replace Hill as City editor and takeover editing the daily Lombard column.

Although management editor is a new position, Hill is effectively replacing management columnist Stefan Stern who left earlier in the year for a job in PR.

In his new job he will write a weekly column, contribute features, and blog regularly on developments in business, strategy and management.

Lionel Barber, editor of the FT, said: “Andrew Hill has done a tremendous job as the Financial Times City editor, writing and editing the Lombard column, during the past four years.

“Andrew is an outstanding reporter who has held a wide range positions during his long career at the FT, including several posts overseas.

“As management editor he will champion the FT’s management coverage, drawing on the wealth of experience he has gained by working close to the heart of some of the world’s biggest companies.”