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Amnesty reveals shortlists for human rights awards

Shortlisted for Amnesty International award: Ann Treneman

Human rights group Amnesty International has announced the shortlists for this year’s media awards.

The awards are for excellence in human rights reporting.

Amnesty International UK campaigns director Stephen Bowen said: “At a time when the world’s attention has been focused on Iraq, there is a grave danger that human rights abuses elsewhere will get overlooked.

“The range and quality of the shortlist reminds us of the critical role journalists can play in drawing attention to events in Israel, Zimbabwe, Guinea and the former Yugoslavia republic for example.” The shortlisted entries are:

National newspapers

“No place like home”; “Promises, promises”; “The asylum lottery” -Ann Treneman, The Times. “This woman lost everything in a US air raid. A year on, she is still living amid the rubble”; “Dawn raids stoke fires of resentment” – Rory McCarthy, The Guardian. “Inside the world of the Palestinian suicide bomber”; “The informer who could not escape”; “On patrol with the killer Israel dreads” -Hala Jaber, The Sunday Times.

Television News

Guinea: Sex for food, Sorious Samura, Insight News TV for Channel 4; “Jenin”, Lindsey Hilsum for ITN/Channel 4 News; Peru: forced sterilisations, Juliana Ruhfus, Insight News TV for Channel 4.


“Three gorges dam” – Ian Berry, Magnum, Telegraph Magazine; “Modern day slaves”, Alex Smailes, Colors magazine; “Looking Aids in the face”, Gideon Mendel, Corbis, Guardian Weekend.


“Zimbabwe”, Grant Ferrett, for File on 4, BBC Radio 4; “Sale of illegal landmines”, Andrew Gilligan, for Today, BBC Radio 4; “Bosnia”, Ian Muir-Cochrane, for File on 4, BBC Radio 4.


“Land of the damned”, Ann McFerran, The Sunday Times Magazine; “Middle East mutineers”, Philip Jacobson, The Sunday Times Magazine; “We’ve been here before”, Anne Karpf, Guardian Weekend.

Television documentaries

A Licence to Murder, BBC Panorama (John Ware, reporter; Eamon Hardy, producer & director; Mike Robinson, editor); The fall of Milosevic, Brook Lapping Productions for the BBC (Dai Richards, producer & director; Norma Percy, producer); Palestine is still the Issue, Carlton Television for ITV1 (John Pilger, presenter, reporter, writer; Christopher Martin, producer; Tony Stark, director); State of Terror, Mentorn Barraclough Carey for Dispatches, Channel 4 (Deborah Davies, reporter; Eamonn Matthews, executive producer; Stephen Finnigan, producer/director).

Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales

“People for sale”, Spotlight, BBC Northern Ireland (Andrew Martin, producer; Declan Lawn, reporter); series of articles on refugees and asylum seekers, Alexander Robertson, Sam Bartlett and Liam McDougall, The Big Issue in Scotland; Wales: “The forgotten holocaust”; “The real wild west”; “War and peacekeepers”, Jack Hanauer, The Big Issue Cymru.

There will also be a worldwide award for human rights journalism in the written media and a special award for human rights journalism produced by journalists under threat from their country’s regime.

The winners will be announced at an evening awards ceremony at Bafta, London, on Thursday, 22 May.

The ceremony will be hosted by veteran journalist and broadcaster Charles Wheeler.