Alastair Walker

 Alastair Walker, co-founder of UnLimited Publications, died on 16 August, aged 29, after suffering a heart attack.

Alastair began his media career in student radio as head of music at the Edinburgh University station, Fresh Air FM. He presented programmes on the station and ran student union events.

In 1997 he moved to London to help set up the Student Radio Network and launch the Student Radio Chart, now the Broadcast Network.

During this time he became well known in the music industry as he promoted the network, and the medium of student radio, among record labels and music PR companies.

I was also a graduate of Edinburgh University and together we founded UnLimited Publications. The company’s first publication, CMU magazine, was designed to link student media (student press, radio and unions) to the music industry. The title was launched in May 1998 and quickly caught the imagination of students and industry people alike.

Alastair contributed significantly to the company’s success. UnLimited has grown considerably over the past three years, developing College Media magazine, Grapevine and Gratis, a consumer magazine, as well as working on design projects with a range of entertainment companies.

It was his passion for both music and entertainment that was a driving force behind the company’s editorial policy and new projects. Alastair strongly believed in championing the best in new music, especially if other media were ignoring talented bands or exciting new genres.

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