Alan Sugar angry at Jeremy Paxman for relying on crib sheets

Alan Sugar has criticised Jeremy Paxman for being ‘unpleasant’and relying on ‘crib sheets under the table”.

After Paxman reportedly poked fun at The Apprentice, Sugar told the Radio Times: ‘That’s the pot talking to the kettle, isn’t it? I mean, he’s the most unpleasant person going.

‘I’d like to get into a debate, without him having a day to think up questions to make people seem awkward. I’d like to see how clever he is then.

‘Jeremy Paxman has never interviewed me. I’ve never met him. But I’d like to be thrown in a room with him to debate something someone throws at us rather than him having a crib sheet hiding under the table.

‘In my opinion that is cheating, honestly.”

Last month, Press Gazette reported that Paxman was rapped by the BBC Trust for repeatedly misquoting a politician he was interviewing, then apologising in an ‘inappropriate tone”.

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