Al Jazeera presents Foster with new role

By Colin Crummy

Sky News’ David Foster has joined Al Jazeera International as a presenter at its Doha headquarters in Qatar.

Foster leaves Sky News after eight years as news presenter and business news correspondent.

has 33 years experience as a journalist and has worked in more than 50
countries as a news anchor and correspondent. In 1985 he worked as a
senior correspondent for Britain’s first ever ITV breakfast news show,
Good Morning Britain.

“This is the most exciting news venture going,” Foster said of the move.

“To be involved at this stage, taking a fresh look at the way news is delivered, is such a challenge.

out and about again is a large part of the attraction. I’ve always seen
myself as a reporter as well as a studio man. Pulling all of that
together has got to be a dream job.”

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