Al Gore to speak at Edinburgh TV Festival

Former American Vice President Al Gore will deliver the Alternative MacTaggart Lecture at this year's Edinburgh Television Festival.

Gore launched his own ‘viewer-created content' network, Current TV, in 2005. Billed as "the TV network created by people who watch it", the channel was launched as "the television homepage for the internet generation."

The network offers unique short-format, non-fiction content designed to reflect the voice of the viewers, and uniquely tailored to their interests. Topics regularly covered include music, videogames, politics, finance, technology and environment.

Gore's other major focus of recent years, the environment, is also expected to feature in his Edinburgh speech. The Alternative MacTaggart Lecture was launched in 1997. Billed as a dynamic 'alternative' to the James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture, the platform gives a media visionary an opportunity to present an inspirational view of the converging broadcasting future.

Past Alt.Mac lecturers include Germain Greer, Rod Liddle, Geraldo Rivera, Michael Wolff, James Murdoch and Douglas Rushkoff.

The MacTaggart Lecture proper will be delivered by ITV chief executive Charless Allen. The festival runs from Friday 25 August to Sunday 27 August.

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