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ABCs: Star is only circulation riser

The tabloid and mid-market sectors again proved to be more resilient than the more expensive end of the national newspaper market according to ABC sales figures for March.

The cut-price 20p Daily Star was the only national newspaper of any type to rise year on year – up 0.87 per cent to 827,005. The Sun, which is also on sale for 20p in much of the UK, put in a relatively strong performance down 2.04 per cent year on year to stay just above the three million mark.

With nearly all newspapers losing sales, the Mail titles were at least able to boast that they had increased their market share today.

Associated Newspapers said in a press release that the Daily Mail increased its market share by 0.5 per cent to 20.2 per cent while the Mail on Sunday grew 0.9 per cent to 18.8 per cent.

National newspaper sales figures for March, source ABC:

Figures quoted are total average sale for March followed by year on year percentage change

National morning popular

Daily Mirror 1,247,013 -6.95

Daily Record 333,359 -6.96

Daily Star 827,005 0.87

The Sun 3,005,308 -2.04

National morning mid market

Daily Express 668,273 -7.93

Daily Mail 2,082,352 -3.00

National morning quality

The Daily Telegraph 686,679 -10.21

Financial Times 401,286 -6.41

The Herald 55,579 -6.66

The Guardian 283,063 -16.98

The Independent 184,137 -10.31

The Scotsman 45,518 -7.32

The Times 502,436 -16.29

National morning sporting

Racing Post 68,332 -5.20

National Sunday popular

Daily Star Sunday 341,824 -5.59

News of the World 2,904,566 -3.71

Sunday Mail 399,000 -9.98

Sunday Mirror 1,147,272 -6.64

The People 532,140 -8.38

National Sunday mid market

Sunday Express 570,040 -10.39

Sunday Post 337,052 -6.73

The Mail on Sunday 1,952,697 -2.22

National Sunday quality

Independent on Sunday 154,285 -8.03

The Observer 331,488 -23.09

Scotland on Sunday 58,554 -7.30

Sunday Herald 42,933 4.60

The Sunday Telegraph 509,754 -11.79

The Sunday Times 1,111,660 -10.38

Author: Dominic Ponsford

Dominic Ponsford is the editor of Press Gazette