ABC launches new product to measure web and print audience

ABC has launched a new cross-platform system for publishers that could give a coherent picture of a brand's performance with combined print and web data.

The Group Product Report, which launches today, is billed as
a tool for media owners to publicise their ABC-audited and verified
figures across media platforms, all on the same report.

The independent
auditor already certifies the circulation figures of newspapers and
magazines, attendance at exhibitions and performance data across
digital media such as websites and email, through its digital arm ABC
Electronic. Currently, publishers use a range of different systems to
measure different strands.

The Group Product Report will allow
media owners to report their figures across brands and various
platforms in one single report.

ABC said in a statement that publishers
and media owners could opt to produce a Group Product Report alongside
their usual ABC certificates, with the report being updated every time
new data becomes available.

The report includes historic data and
charts, visual representations of the products and brands, and all the
information included on the individual certificates.

Chris Boyd, chief executive of
ABC, said: “The introduction of the Group Product Report will provide
media owners with an important trading tool. A single resource for a
media group to report all relevant figures will aid selling, and help
media owners to prove their audiences across various platforms and
channels. Buyers and advertisers will benefit from having all the
available data in just one single report.”

Guardian Media Group and News International have
already committed to producing Group Product Reports.

Tim Brooks, managing director of
Guardian News and Media Limited, said: “Increasing numbers of clients
are using our brands across both traditional and digital platforms to
communicate with the Guardian and Observer audiences. Transparency and
accountability are key values for GNM, and we’re therefore very pleased
with this ABC initiative, which helps media owners to offer agencies
and advertisers verified data in an increasingly complex market.”

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