A time to remember

The timing of the comments of the former Todmorden News reporter
Peter Devine could not be more fortuitous (Letters to the editor, Press
Gazette 18 February).

He called for (and I suspect still does)
the press to have access to inquest papers, or at least to have them in
the public domain. Although I am sure there are other motives for this,
his stated, laudable, goal is to hopefully avoid “Shipman II” or the

When ‘President Blair’ poses the dilemma to the House of
Commons (over his terror bill) that there is a balance to be found
between civil liberties and the security of the nation, it may be that
as the proverbial iron is currently hot, it might be the right time to
strike again?

Liam O’Leary second year journalism student University of Central Lancashire

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