£100,000 appeal launched to fund cancer surgery for journalist Amy Watts - Press Gazette

£100,000 appeal launched to fund cancer surgery for journalist Amy Watts

A £100,000 appeal has been launched to pay for potentially life-saving surgery for British-born journalist Amy Watts.

The 37-year-old lives in Los Angeles and has advanced colon cancer.

According to Hold Amy's Hand Appeal: 

"Amy’s been having gruelling chemo every two weeks and was hoping to have an operation to cut out the cancer in December.

"Her US doctors have now said that’s not an option.

"She’s since had a second opinion from an amazing UK doctor who wants to perform two operations at Spire Hospital in Leeds – the first in February and the second shortly afterwards.

"Amy desperately wants to come home – even if the operations are on the wrong side of the Pennines…

"Unfortunately the cost of these two operations is a total of £70,000. It seems impossible to put a price on our Amy’s life, but here we are."

Amy Watts


"Now it’s our turn to help. We – her family and friends – have a target of raising at least £100,000 for her medical care, living expenses and the cost of reestablishing herself in the UK.

"Other monetary avenues are being looked into but due to the gravity and timing of the situation currently this is our only option.

"We’re asking everyone who knows her to come together and ‘hold hands’ to help our friend. Head to the Hold Amy’s Hand section to find out how."