Why has the Daiy Mirror got no 'L' today? 'Big Cheese' Lloyd Embley and co explain - sort of - in this music video

Wondering why the 'Daiy Mirror' has spelt its own name wrong in the paper's masthead today?

The music video below, featuring 'Big Cheese' Lloyd Embley and other editorial staff, explains – sort of.

Because it's Christmas tomorrow the Daily Mirror has taken the L out of its name. So there's no L – noel!

Apparently it's the latest installment in the Madeuthink marketing campaign.

"We wanted a creative way to say a ‘Merry Christmas’ to our readers from our surprisingly vocally talented editorial teams," said Zoe Harris, group marketing director at Trinity Mirror. 

"The activity also reinforces the Mirror’s intelligent approach whilst showing the disruptive power of our media.”

Call me Xegrnr. Video below:


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