While Cameron spurns TV debates, he says yes to Heat video interview - Press Gazette

While Cameron spurns TV debates, he says yes to Heat video interview

Celebrity news weekly Heat magazine scooped a video interview with David Cameron this week.

The interview, by Lucie Cave, took place in Downing Street and was filmed by the magazine. In it, the Prime Minister spoke about his rival opposition leaders, saying he “admires” Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg for joining the Coalition.

Of Labour leader Ed Miliband, Cameron said: “I think he did the right thing backing the action we’re taking in Iraq, that wasn’t easy for him and I think it’s good that we’re helping Arab countries, Americans and others to defeat Isis.”

The Prime Minister has been criticised by some for accepting the quizzing by Heat while not taking part in all of the mooted televised leader debates.

Cameron revealed that he has a phobia of rats, his domestic and parenting techniques and that he “can virtually recite” the Disney film Frozen as his four-year-old daughter has watched it so much.

The magazine also filmed a tongue-in-cheek promotional video for the piece.

In the clip, an envelope marked ‘Top Secret’ is delivered to the PM, who opens it and wipes his brow in apparent distress.

Heat’s website says: “Forget Frost vs Nixon this is Cave vs Cameron.

“Heat's Lucie Cave took to 10 Downing Street to ask our head honcho the questions that matter.“

As well as fielding questions from Cave, the Prime Minister answered queries from celebrities Alan Carr and Joey Essex and Heat readers.