Weekly golf newspaper to launch across the UK next week

A new weekly UK newspaper focusing on the world of Golf is to launch next week.

The Golf Paper is being launched by Greenways Publishing, which also owns the Non-League Paper.

It employs four full-time editorial staff, costs £1.50 and will be available throughout the European golf tour – from April to November.

Editor in chief David Emery said: “The Golf Paper is going to cover golf from top to bottom in the UK and around the world.

“It will go beneath the star-studded tours to look at the 2nd tier, with extensive coverage women’s tour, as well as looking at the junior tour and the amateur scene.

“Magazines are great but there is no weekly paper covering golf news.

“We will cover worldwide golf for a weekly audience.”

The paper will focus on news, covering the major events of the week in all tiers of golf, with columns and features later in the paper.

Managing editor of Golf Monthly Alex Narey is executive editor and Daily Express writer Graham Otway is editor at large.

Columnists will include former sports editor of the Sunday Nick Pitt, former Mail on Sunday sports reporter Peter Higgs and former golf pro Jay Townsend.

David Howell, who has made 500 appearances on the tour, is putting his name to the first in a series of weekly guest columns.

The paper will be sold weekly from Wednesdays to Saturdays in England and Wales, arriving in Scotland on Thursdays.

The first print run will be 80,000 copies and it will be available in 25,000 retail outlets.

As well as the Non-League Paper (which has claims a circulation of 25,000), Greenways publishes The Rugby Paper (circulation 20,000) and The Cricket Paper (10,000).

It also publishes the Football League Paper, football fans’ magazine Late Tackle and Racing Ahead.

The Golf Paper is the first of their titles to be sold in Scotland.

Emery said: “We are always looking to open more small scale niche sports papers.

“Our papers give work to journalists – Fleet Street is sacking so many people and contracting instead.

“The public will pay for an eloquent paper that is properly written.

“People say golf participation is dropping but it is actually going up if you look at the figures.

"We feel that with the recent Ryder cup wins and Rory McIlroy’s success there is a real surge among younger sports fans – as well as established readers – and that golf is a fun scene to be part of.”

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