Weekend paper round: 14 and 15 March 2009

Liz Jones’s ex-husband on having his home life exposed in the papers (Sat Times p22)
Secret court to guard Fritzl family from media (Sat Times p41)
Gavin O’Reilly: Independent must contribute to company’s profitability (Sat Telegraph p33)
Shares up 66 per cent following INM announcement (FT Weekend p24)
More on the Independent News and Media board changes (FT Weekend p12)
Analysis on the INM announcement (Sat Times p53)
Party’s over for Anthony O’Reilly’s cronies (Sunday Times business p1)
My week: Max Clifford (Sunday Times p17)
Hat trick for Mail on Sunday at sports awards (Mail on Sunday p2)
Observer readers’ editor on reporting suicides (Observer p32)
The feral beast column (Independent on Sunday p87)
Observer media diary (Observer business p11)

Consumer watchdog warning about top-shelf teen magazines (Sunday Telegraph p14)
Incisive asks staff to take unpaid leave (Independent on Sunday p78)

Wall Street riveted by Jon Stewart’s comedy clash with Jim Cramer (FT Weekend p17)
America cheers as satirist delivers knockout blow to TV finance gurus (Observer p28)
More on Jon Stewart’s showdown with Jim Cramer (Sat Independent p27)
Michael Grade complains to Times over Greg Dyke opinion piece (Mail on Sunday p43)
Matthew Wright: Builders have made my life hell (Mail on Sunday p32)
Interview with ITV’s Peter Fincham (Observer business p11)
Setanta shareholders write off investments (Sunday Telegraph business p3)
Rival ‘vultures’ circle ailing ITV (Sunday Express p11)

Profile: Google co-founder Sergey Brin (Observer p41)

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