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Video: Attacked Times journalist says BNP are just 'a bunch of street thugs'

The Times has posted video of its investigations editor Dominic Kennedy being violently thrown out of a the historic BNP meeting which at the weekend voted to allow non-whites to become members of the far right party.

Kennedy is shown calmly explaining to BNP officials why he wishes to cover the meeting before he is suddenly violently bundled out off the door.

Kennedy says in the video: “I was still holding on to my notebook, which I wasn’t going to let go off for anyone…they grab my nose and try to pull it off…It’s not what you expect when you go to cover a press conference of a British political party.

“They’ve shown their true colours. They are just a bunch of street thugs who are dressed up as a political party.”

Defending the attack on Kennedy, BNP leader Nick Griffin is today quoted in The Times saying: “Millions of viewers will have seen the report of us ejecting a lying Times journalist from the press conference. That’s not the actions of a snivelling PC party, but of an organisation that has had enough of being lied about.”

Kennedy had been invited by the BNP to the meeting, but was remonstrated with by officials over another Times article which appeared on Saturday and was critical about the party.




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