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Vice Media launches TV channel aimed at UK audience on Sky and Now TV

Vice Media is to launch its first TV channel in Europe.

The media company, famed for its irreverent newsgathering, has struck a deal with Sky to launch 24-hour TV channel Viceland on the Sky satellite platform and the Now TV on-demand service in the UK and Ireland. The Sky deal is non exclusive meaning Vice may apppear on other TV platforms in the future.

The channel will cover lifestyle and culture and launch in September.

It will be made by Vice’s in-house creative team.

Shane Smith, vice co-founder and chief executive, said: “This is the biggest move yet in our long affair with our British and Irish audience. Viceland is going to give them a whole new way to experience Vice content-on their own televisions, around the clock.

“And partnering with Sky gives us their deep expertise in the market, and the ability to reach over 10 million households across the UK and Ireland.”

The launch is the latest move by Vice Media, whose investors include Rupert Murdoch, to evolve into a multi-media company.

Viceland has already launched in the US and Canada, with hundreds of hours of original programming.

Spike Jonze, the Oscar-winning film director, is serving as co-president of Viceland and is overseeing development of the channel’s creation and production.

Vice’s website and media channel emanate from the original Vice magazine co-founded by Smith in 1994.


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