Useful tool for crime reporters and journalists who get the dreaded 6am knock - the iPlod app

Reporters who cover crime will find the new iPlod app useful.

It’s been designed as a pocket reference tool for police officers, but anyone can buy it.

It provides an A-Z list of criminal offences. With each crime, it gives a summary of the law, and points the CPS would have to prove if a case came to court.

It also lists crimes into categories, like Antisocial behaviour, Drugs, Weapons etc.

And usefully for court reporters, it explains if each offence is arrestable, summary, triable either way, or indictable, and the maximum jail term.

Photographers will also benefit from having definitions of terrorism offences at their fingertips.

It is available from smartphone app stores, price £4.95.

It might also prove useful to journalists who get the dreaded 6am knock from the police …

Cleland Thom is a consultant in media law


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