UK news media job losses: To October 2008

As requested by one reader, a graphic. Prepare yourself for a big rise in November.

PS: Jeremy Dear (NUJ) and Jon Slattery (ex-Press Gazette) make the point that these reported job losses understate the real magnitude of the problem.

Plenty more jobs are being burned off by non-replacement of staff, for example. Here’s Dear on the subject:

The true picture in some newsrooms is grim. For example yesterday I spoke to a journalist at a daily regional paper who was the only reporter there that day. The reporting staff as a whole has dropped by half. It’s a familiar story for those working in local newspapers. But it is also now becoming more familiar to those working across the media.

True enough. All we can do, I think, is capture the trend.

In addition, Dear links to an NUJ story on 13 redundancies at Time Out. I’ll add that to my list of sources.

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