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Title inflation catches on at Guido Fawkes

The Guido Fawkes website has apparently taken a leaf out of the Telegraph's book and given its staff highfalutin titles.

Editor Paul Staines is now "now Director of Digital Global Content" according to an update on Gorkana.

News editor Harry Cole is now Wesminster Bureau Chief and reporter Alex Wickham is now Senior Political Correspondent.

As Peter Oborne has noted, the Telegraph ditched the old-fashioned role of editor in favour of having a director of content (Chris Evans) and chief content officer (Jason Seiken).

Meanwhile, Axegrinder notes that The Guardian now has (at least) four editors-in-chief: Alan Rusbridger (pan global supremo of all things Guardian), Janine Gibson (Guardian.com editor-in-chief), Kath Viner (US editor-in-chief) and Emily Wilson (Australia editor-in-chief).

Axegrinder himself has recently been promoted to become Press Gazette's Chief Intergalactic Vice President of Humorous Content (Digital).



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