Times and Sunday Times websites to charge from June

News International will start charging for access to the websites of The Times and The Sunday Times from June.

The publisher announced this morning that readers would be charged £1 for a day’s access or £2 for a week’s subscription. Payment will allow access to both websites.

A weekly subscription will also give readers access to an e-paper version and other new, as yet unnamed, digital applications.

Access to all digital services will be included in the price for those who already subscribe to the print versions of The Times and The Sunday Times.

Currently, content from The Times and The Sunday Times is available free through Times Online.

From May News International will separate out the digital offerings of each into two new standalone websites. The new sites will be available free for a trial period to registered users.

James Harding, editor of The Times, said: “The Times was founded to take advantage of new technology.

“Now, we are leading the way again. Our new website – with a strong, clean design – will have all the values of the printed paper and all the versatility of digital media. We want people to do more than just read it – to be part of it…

“TheTimes.co.uk will make the most of moving images, dynamic infographics, interactive comment and personalised news feeds.

“The coming editions of The Times on phones, e-readers, tablets and mobile devices will tell the most important and interesting stories in the newest ways. Our aim is to keep delivering The Times, but better.”

The move to introduce paywalls across News International’s newspaper websites was first outlined last June by Rupert Murdoch, chairman and chief executive of parent company News Corporation.

Harding told Press Gazette in November that The Times would be the first News International newspapers to introduce a paywall and outlined how a day’s online access would cost around the same as buying the print edition – currently a weekday copy of the Times costs £1.

The Sun and the News of the World, will introduce their own paid-for access models later this year.

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