Time Out to be distributed late for first time after fire destroys more than 225,000 copies

A warehouse fire has destroyed more than 225,000 copies of Time Out London meaning it will be distributed late for the first time in 44 years.

The magazine, founded in 1968, is usually handed out across the city on Tuesdays, but will this week be distributed on Thursday.

The fire burned all but 80,000 copies, which are to be sent out to subscribers today.

Managing director Greg Miall said: "This is the first time that this kind of situation has arisen in over 44 years of production and whilst some magazines survived, we will not be able to distribute as usual until Thursday this week."

"We are just grateful that no-one was hurt in the incident and ask that our readers and users continue to use our website and continue to engage with us through our social networks and through comments and reviews."

Time Out switched from a paid-for to a free title on 25 September last year, aiming to distribute 300,000 copies.

Its last ABC figure, for the second half of 2011, showed its circulation stood at 55,000 – of which 80 per cent were actively purchased.

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