The new words coined by journalists which could make it into the dictionary

New words coined by journalists Tim Garton Ash, Tim Walker and Finlo Rohrer are among those in the running for inclusion in the Collins Dictionary.

Today, the dictionary’s editors invited submissions and debate about whether new words deserve to be in the dictionary. Or perhaps would better be on John Rentoul’s banned list.

Here are some phrases first coined or spotted by journalists which Collins are considering for inclusion: (More details about the Collins consultation on new words here).

Trendfear: the anxiety that you are not up to date with current trends. Believed to have been first coined by Finlo Rohrer, editor of BBC News Online’s Magazine section.

Generation Rent: People born in the 1980s who have no hope of getting on the property ladder. Coined by The Independent’s Tim Walker.

Eurogeddon: The worst case scenario of the ongoing euro crisis. First written about by The Guardian’s Tim Garton Ash.

Dollargeddon: The worst case scenario of the USA’s financial crisis. First written about by The Guardian’s Tim Garton Ash.

Champagne Bottleneck: a maze of clogged-up streets, this refers specifically to a small area of Knightsbridge, where traffic is so snarled up it can take half an hour to travel a half mile. First spotted in The Independent.

Gazanging: When a property seller pulls the plug at the last minute and the buyer is left hanging. Featured in The Guardian and The Telegraph.



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