The crash is a potential nightmare for Cameron and Tory-leaning editors

So the politics has started. Yesterday, the Mirror‘s “Gorilla Of Greed” headline. Today, Simon Jenkins wants to know which members of the boss class should be taken out and shot.

At the FT, the mild-mannered John Gapper writes: “The word ‘irresponsible’ does not begin to describe AIG’s behaviour. . . Regulation cannot solve everything but enough is enough.”

Following loose anti-City talk at the Express and the Mail, David Cameron has been forced out of his corner.

Today, Cameron told the FT: ‘We must not let the left use this as an excuse to wreck an important part of the British and world economy.”

No mention of spivs. And no suggestion of increased regulation. Spinning his lines in this context won’t be easy for Cameron.

It’s going to be just as tricky for the Tory-inclined editors who hope to support him at the next election.

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