Telegraph, Mail and Express journalists 'barred' from Alex Salmond's resignation press conference

Daily Telegraph journalists have told how they and colleagues from the Daily Mail and Daily Express were "barred" from Alex Salmond's first press conference after the Scottish independence referendum.

The Scottish first minister (pictured, Reuters) announced his resignation in the meeting, which was held at Bute House, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, on Friday afternoon.

The Telegraph reports that "at least three" national newspapers were not allowed in to the press conference. The Guardian also chose not to send a journalist in after it said the Scottish government had tried to "pick" which reporter went in.

The video below shows Telegraph journalists (Ben Riley-Smith mostly on camera) expressing outrage at a member of Salmond's press team outside the "public building".

According to the Telegraph, the aide first told reporters there was "no space", but continued to allow others in.

It said that journalists from the Herald, Daily Record, The Times, BBC, Newsnight, the Courier, Channel 4 News, STV and The Sun were allowed in.

Guardian Scotland correspondent Severin Carrell tweeted: “The Guardian declined its place at Alex Salmond’s post #indyref press conference after Scottish Govt insisted on picking Guardian reporter.”

And Scottish Daily Mail political editor Alan Rodin said: “Mail, Telegraph & Express excluded from Alex Salmond’s press conference. Guardian has turned down invite after Govt handpicked a journalist.”




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