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Telegraph launches 'sassy' website for women

The Telegraph has today launched a new 'sassy' online section called Wonder Women and created the new job of women's editor.

Former digital media editor Emma Barnett has been appointed women’s editor and will lead the site, while Louisa Peacock, continuing to act as jobs editor, will be her deputy.

Wonder Women, sponsored by Debenhams, covers five main topic areas – business, life, politics, sex and family.

Contributors will include Sophie Cornish, founder of, comedian and actress Katy Brand, blogger Dr Brooke Magnanti and Channel 4 news presenter Cathy Newman.

The site will also feature a number of anonymous blogs, including Secret Diary of a Board Babe and Prymface, by a 33-year-old former teenage mother.

“This new channel addresses issues that are affecting women on a daily basis, in all aspects of their lives, in a bold, sassy and irreverent way,” Barnett said.

“A wide range of entertaining voices will be writing for the Wonder Women site, sharing their views with our readers.”

Telegraph executive editor Edward Roussel said: "This new channel will further broaden the appeal of our digital journalism by bringing in an array of talented writers, consolidating our position as Britain's top media brand for quality journalism."

While the job of women's editor is a new position, it is ot the first time the Telegraph has had a women's page.

As Barnett writes here, the Daily Telegraph ran a women's page in print for 87 years from 1899.

Telegraph technology correspondent Christopher Williams will be covering digital media stories.