Survey: Parents would rather their children marry a banker or marketer than a journalist

They probably wouldn't disapprove of Clark Kent, but parents in the UK would rather their daughter marry a banker, marketer or teacher than a journalist.(Picture: Shutterstock)

A Yougov survey has found that 3 per cent of 1,756 UK adults would like their prospective son-in-law to be a journalist.

Female journalists fare slightly better, with 4 per cent of those surveyed saying they would like a daughter-in-law hack.

The most popular son-in-law profession was doctor (38 per cent), followed by lawyer (24 per cent) and architect (23 per cent).

Other son-in-law professions ranking ahead of journalist were: teacher (15 per cent), entrepreneur (11 per cent), banker, musician (both 6 per cent), nurse, soldier, athlete (all 5 per cent) and marketer (4 per cent).

Journalist as a choice ranked level with actor and administrator, and above MP (1 per cent) and model (0),

Doctor was also the most popular choice of profession for daughters-in-law (35 per cent), followed by teacher (26 per cent), lawyer (24 per cent), nurse (16 per cent) and architect (14 per cent).

Entrepreneur (7 per cent), musician (6 per cent), marketer and administrator (both 5 per cent) also ranked above journalist, which was level with banker and athlete, and above model (3 per cent), actor (2 per cent), soldier and MP (both 1 per cent).

Read the full survey here.

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