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Surrey Mirror asked by local branch of FA not to publish children's football scores

The Surrey Mirror has been asked by its local branch of the FA to stop publishing junior football league scores.

Chief executive of Surrey County Football Association Caroline McRoyall said publishing them is "detrimental to the development of the player and the game".

She told the paper: "The changes brought in by the FA Youth Review are designed to make youth football more child centred and less results orientated, supporting the long-term development of players."

It follows a general ruling from the FA for clubs not to publish scores or league tables for football featuring children under the age of 11.

A spokesperson for the FA said: "The FA places a great deal of importance in ensuring that youth football is played in a positive and fun environment. Our aspiration is to ensure that a progressive, child-friendly approach pervades and we challenge the win-at-all-costs mentality that has been recognised to stifle development and enjoyment for young people.

“Among the range of measures to have been introduced to reflect this, The FA now directs leagues not to publish individual score-lines from matches in competitions featuring Under 11s teams.

“While it is not the intention of The FA to stifle the positive benefits that come from recognition of achievement – and do not suggest this – significant consultation during our FA Youth Review with children (players), parents, coaches, clubs and league volunteers concluded that where there are one-sided score lines, these can act as a disincentive to continue playing for many children.

“This conflicts with our aspiration to make youth football more child-centred and less results orientated on order to support the long-term development of players.”

Author: Dominic Ponsford

Dominic Ponsford is the editor of Press Gazette