Sunday Times man gets his nose into books

Farewell then to John Elliot, who has the seven year itch and is leaving The Sunday Times as the paper's social affairs correspondent. He's decided to do something different and is going to the Fourth Estate, part of the Harper Collins empire, as a pop culture/non-fiction editor.

Elliot, now 33, cut his teeth at the Telegraph's diary, Peterborough, way back when. He was always a popular figure, especially among the older, mothering types at the Telegraph who simply adored him. They kept bringing him cups of tea and so forth.

He went undercover for the Genoa G8 summit some years back and was badly beaten up by the police, who believed he was a protester rather than a journalist when he chanted with the rest: "Stop English journalists!"

He was arrested, but survived intact to tell his story to the paper's readers the following Sunday.

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