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Sunday Times hires bloggers' favourite

Axegrinder was interested to hear that Anna Mikhailova, an Oxford graduate, has finally been given a full-time reporting job on the Sunday Times.

In August 2006, while on work experience, she attracted the combined wrath of most of the internet by exposing film assistant Zoe Margolis as being “Abby Lee”, the pseudonymous author of Girl With A One-Track Mind, a blog (and later book) about the sexual adventures of a 30-something single woman in London.

Bloggers inundated the ST news desk with abusive emails after Margolis published acting news editor Nick Hellen’s blunt letter to her, which declared the paper would be outing her, and would be doing so alongside an “unflattering” photo snatched outside her flat unless she agreed to come to Wapping immediately in some “colourful eveningwear” for a proper photoshoot.

By the way, bloggers took their revenge by creating a spoof blog, subtitled “I want to be a proper journalist, but for now I’ll do what I’m told”.



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