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Sunday Sport claims soaring sales

Sport Newspapers is claiming sales of the Sunday Sport to have soared by 22 per cent in the last three months.

Internal figures claim that last week’s sales of the Sunday Sport were almost 87,000 – which they say is an increase of 16,000 sales in 12 weeks.

The Daily Sport also claims to be gaining sales, a rise of 18 per cent to an average of almost 85, 000 copies for last week. This represents a 6.76 per cent increase year-on-year – Sport Newspapers says.

Editor-in-chief Murray Morse said the figures were: “nothing short of incredible, coming as they do at a time when other national newspapers are suffering continued sales decline and are slashing their cover prices to keep readers.”

Honorary publisher David Sullivan said: “A 22 per cent increase in sales in 12 weeks without reducing the cover price or any marketing support is quite remarkable in the history of newspapers.

“We’re producing a fun paper which appears to be what our readers want in these depressing credit crunch times. I see no reason why this growth cannot be maintained throughout the coming months.”



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