Sun removes Chris Huhne bullying article after PCC complaint from partner

The Sun has removed a story from its website claiming that Chris Huhne had been bullied whilst in prison following a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission.

The complaint from the former energy minister’s partner Carina Trimingham related to an article published on 13 March.

It claimed that Huhne had been “ridiculed” by a prison officer who had called him to breakfast over the prison Tannoy system. It also said that Huhne had been moved to a wing for vulnerable prisoners after being “badgered for money” and that he had been bullied by prisoners and officers.

The PCC negotiated the removal of the article from The Sun’s website. The Sun also ran a correction to the story.

It read: “We have been contacted by Mr Huhne and his partner Ms Carina Trimingham who say that he was (sic) not been moved or bullied and got on well with other prisoners. We are happy to set the record straight.”

Trimingham had previously complained to the PCC over a similar story in the Metro. The newspaper said it had presented the claims only as allegations and had published a follow-up reporting Huhne’s denials.

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