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Sugar sends out the call for teenage polygamists with moob jobs

News agency staff are once again left scratching their heads and wandering about what ever happened to finding the best stories they can and sending them in to grateful publishers.

Instead, journalists dealing with real-life stories increasingly seem to be sending out bizarrely detailed shopping lists for the things they want to have happened.

The latest list of requests comes from teen magazine Sugar which sent out this fascinating wish-list of bizarre tales featuring boys aged 12-19.

It’s been a while since Axegrinder was in short trousers – but can it there really be that many teen polygamists who’ve had moob-jobs out there?

Read them yourself and pick your own favourite:

‘I’m 16 and married’

‘I can’t dump my suicidal girlfriend’

‘Wrongly accused of being a dad’

‘I had surgery to get girls’

‘I’m a teen polygamist’ HAS 3 GIRLFRIENDS AND ALL KNOW

‘I spread rumours to spite my ex’ (revenge real life)

‘I loved her but I bullied her’

‘I had a moob job’

‘I emotionally blackmailed my girlfriend into sex’

‘Why I was a stalker’

‘I’m a boy beauty queen’

‘I dumped my girlfriend for a boy’

‘I fell in love with my bully’

‘I was dumped for Dougie'(or other celeb)

‘Mates think my girlfriend’s ugly but I don’t care’



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