Staff photographers facing axe at Archant

Staff photographers facing axe at Archant

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Two staff photographers are facing redundancy as regional publisher Archant makes further cutbacks.

The company said it had “started a consultation process” with affected staff. The cuts are understood to affect titles in London and Hertfordshire.

Archant owns more than 140 brands across the UK, with 16 titles in London, including the Ham and High, and four in Hertfordshire, including the Herts Advertiser. It also publishes weekly The New European.

In a statement on the cuts, an Archant spokesperson said: “Archant confirms that as part of a review of its newspaper photography departments, it has started a consultation process with affected staff.”

The cuts come a month after Archant chief content officer Matt Kelly told staff that five newspaper offices would close, meaning some reporters would have to work remotely or from home, but no jobs were lost.

Press Gazette revealed in February that Archant cut five luxury lifestyle print titles in west London as part of a separate move.

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3 thoughts on “Staff photographers facing axe at Archant”

  1. Having just seen the chairman’s annual report and now read of the plan to axe an unspecified number of those few photographers who remain, it sums up just how out of their depth those supposedly in charge of the business are, particularly when the chairman admits it’s relying on outside sources to help the business without any clearly defined plans of its own.
    He also admits they haven’t moved quickly enough to monetise digital and they’ve lost the audience for the company’s local newspaper portfolio ( as evidenced by the latest shocking ABC sales figures) when he says ”….the consumption and advertiser marketing mix have moved away from our traditional products.” yet makes no mention of any plans to address the issues other than to axe more photographers and close more district offices to save costs.
    If the chairman believes the best way to regain huge copy sales losses is to remove themselves from county towns,rely on the public to supply camera phone snaps and local news items and expects a junior working from home to produce “ …local content to our readers and connect local businesses with their customers….” it shows just how far he is removed from the reality of the situation faced by staff working long and hard on policies they know are ill conceived.

    Surely time to make changes at the top before any more serious and costly damage is done.

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