Spoof Steve Auckland tweeter condemns 'sinister' Northcliffe legal action - Press Gazette

Spoof Steve Auckland tweeter condemns 'sinister' Northcliffe legal action

The anonymous blogger behind a Twitter account parodying Northcliffe managing director Steve Auckland “unSteveDorkland” has broken cover to pen a blog post detailing the reasons behind their actions.

Press Gazette reported exclusively last week that Northcliffe had filed a subpeona against Twitter seeking to find out the real identity of ‘Dorkland’.

Twitter has been given until 1 August to decide whether or not to comply with it.

Dorkland writes: “In similar cases involving the requirement for it to hand over the tweets of an Occupy Wall Street protestor (you have placed us in exalted company Mr Auckland) it fought the process tooth and nail.

“One can only hope the approach is similar in this case to ensure freedom of expression and privacy of an individual’s identity – two principles on which Northcliffe has built its business by the way – are protected and preserved.

“I don’t ask anyone, anywhere, to like my approach or to find my tweets amusing. What I do ask is that they recognise the sinister nature of what has happened to me and to realise that if this continues unchecked and unchallenged then others who deserve far more protection of their privacy than I do will, ultimately, be exposed to the clawing, angry, inquisitive ire of corporations with expensive lawyers and an agenda to run.”



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