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Spoof cutting from The Sun makes twits of tweeters


Moronic Twitter users had a field day with a Sun page lead from 1992 pouring scorn on the invention of the internet headlined: “COMPUTER ‘WEB’ TO CHANGE BILLIONS OF LIVES (YEAH, RIGHT)”.

Among those to tweet the pic convinced that it was a real cutting were: 

@annesauras: Journalism looked down the gun barrel and laughed

@HarryReekieCNN: brilliant…. look what The Sun wrote about the Internet two decades ago

@MarthaLaneFox: hilarious. how the sun newspaper reported tim b-l discovery of www

@Heathy278: Proof that the Sun knows bugger all

Of course anyone with half a brain cell would have noticed that the Dot Comme byline might suggest the piece was a spoof.

And those with brain cells in double figures would have recalled The Sun’s brilliant millennium book of spoof front pages Hold Ye Front Page, now reborn as www.holdyefrontpage.co.uk – an educational website.

The @holdyefrontpage Twitter account had great fun mocking the various Twitter users who were caught out.

PR company makes prehistoric mistake

Press release balls-up of the week: From W Communications following the “A Seat at the Top Table” debate about women on executive boards.

Version one:

After the main debate, when asked by an audience member “are you a feminist”, Cherie Blair answered with a enthusiastic yes; “if you are not a feminist you are a dinosaur.”

In response, Lucy Kellaway answered, “Well in that case, I am a dinosaur.”

Version two:

Just to clarify Cherie Blair did not say “if you are not a feminist you are a dinosaur”, she just merely agreed that she was a feminist.

Gravesend Reporter predicts the future 

A former Gravesend Reporter journalist is not impressed with the paper’s relaunch in magazine format, complaining that standards have sunk “to a new low”.

The headline “Fleet avoid relegation” appeared just six matches into the new Blue Square Premier league season.

“It appears the paper has got into the business of predicting the future,” my informant notes.



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