Soutar's top tips for 'good-looking' ShortList distributors

Axegrinder hopes for his sake that Shortlist chief executive Mike Soutar is being clever and doing a David Brent impression with his “How to” YouTube video for distributors of his new free weekly men’s magazine.

Dressed smartly in his electric blue ShortList branded jacket, Soutar informs his distributors of the correct way to present his magazine to its ABC1 targets.

His new employees, addressed like it’s their first day working at MacDonalds, are told to smile, wear their uniform with pride, and make sure they don’t obscure the cover everyone worked so hard to make happen. Alas, Soutar declined to cut a proper dash and don the Shortlist hat he encourages his vendors to wear.

“Shortlist is a good-looking magazine distributed by a good-looking team,” he beams.

Hands up who fancies their vendor?

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