Sober affair at Mandela's memorial

Axegrinder has noted with interest the continuing threats to press freedom across the globe.

Like some biblical parable traditions that have long been taken for granted are slowly being eroded by the over-reaching arm of the state.

With dawn raids, equipment seizures and the threat to prosecute sources, it has never been a more stressful time to be a journalist.

It has been a traditional right of all reporters to file copy while flutered, but now that one remaining freedom has been cruelly wrenched from those covering Nelson Mandela’s memorial service today.

A missive sent to 2,000 journalists covering the event warned them against being drunk and acting unprofessionally.  

The South African Governmen Communication and Information System said: “Any member of the media believed to be intoxicated, under the influence of mood-altering substances or acting in an unprofessional manner will have their media accreditation revoked and be escorted out of the media area with possible denial of future accreditation to individual perpetrators and/or their affiliated media organisation."

In fact, it would be enough to drive some of us to a drink.

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