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So print is dead? Not in Derry Street

I’m taken aback by the report in The Guardian that the Daily Mail is to spend £10 million on an advertising campaign aimed at 35-year-old women. Ten million pounds? That’s more than the profits of some regional newspaper groups. Ten million pounds on a single promotion? I sometimes can’t find the money to get some bloody posters printed.

But then, it’s a different world in Derry Street and if any newspaper is going to buck the ‘print is dead’ trend, then it will be the Mail.

Only today we have a re-designed, re-vamped Weekend magazine in the newspaper. It was already the best TV guide amongst the nationals with six pages allocated to each day of the week. Now it’s cleaner, clearer, smarter, easier to use … a splendid job. Why people still buy Radio Times when quality like this is on offer is beyond me.

And the best thing about it? The fact that the ubiquitous Piers Morgan, who still owes me two grand, doesn’t feature anywhere.



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