Sky News prepares for high-definition channel launch

Sky has today announced the launch of a high-definition Sky News channel, which will be made available to its million-plus HD customers from next spring.

The move follows a trial into the new technology during the channel’s coverage of Barack Obama’s inauguration earlier this year.

Sky News said it was currently upgrading its studios, production facilities and newsgathering operations and will give training to staff on how to get the most from HD.

The broadcaster said viewers who are signed up to Sky’s HD package will notice a sharper picture quality and better graphics when the channel launches next year.

John Ryley, the head of Sky News, said launching an HD version of the service represented “an investment in the future of news”.

“As well as enhanced studio presentation and compelling on-air graphics, news is also about the drama of human emotion: from keynote speeches and police news conferences to picket lines and joyful crowds at ceremonial events,” he said.

“HD is an opportunity to bring our viewers much closer to events, building on one of Sky News’s existing strengths.”

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