Sienna Miller launches privacy action against the News of the World

Actress Sienna Miller has launched a privacy action against the News of the World over photographs which showed her frolicking topless in the sea with Balthazar Getty.

She is demanding damages of £100,000 after accusing the paper and agency Big Pictures (UK) of invading her privacy and breaching her confidence.

Miller is also seeking compensation under the Data Protection Act 1988, and an injunction banning the paper from reprinting the pictures which appeared on June 29 and July 6.

Miller is asking the court to order News Group and Big Pictures to hand over all copies of the photographs, and an order to ensure that they are destroyed. She is asking for a legal ruling that News Group and Big Pictures have misused her private information, and acted in breach of confidence.

The action comes two months after Formula One boss Max Mosley won £60,000 in compensation from the News of the World after it published a news story and video footage showing him taking part in a sado-masochistic sex party with six dominatrices. Mosley was also awarded costs, which are believed to have run up to around £1 million.

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